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Dr. Preeti Dharapur
Dr Pushpa MB
Dr Kavitha VC


Diabetes, Microalbuminuria, Microvascular complications


INTRODUCTION: Microvascular complications influence the quality of life and pose a significant burden on the diabetic patients. Microalbuminuria is associated with glomerular pathology and increased level of risk of complications.

MATERIAL & METHODS: Present study was a hospital based observational study done at Bidar Medical College Hospital where 200 diabetic patients visiting the Medicine OPD were selected for the study of 6 months. A pre designed proforma was used to get the demographic, clinical data and in detail clinical examination was done. Relevant investigations were done. Data was compiled and analyzed.

RESULTS: There was a male preponderance with one third being in age group of 51-60 years age group. Mean duration of diabetes was 17.52 years and the mean age of onset of diabetes was 32.3 years. Prevalence of microalbuminuria was found in one thirds (33.5%, n=67). And with regards to microvascular complications, the incidence of retinopathy, neuropathy and nephropathy was 13% (n=26), 27% (n=54) and 21% (n=42) respectively. Among patients with Microalbuminuria, retinopathy was seen in 28.4%, neuropathy in about two thirds (62.7%) and nephropathy in half the proportion of study population (49.2%) respectively.

CONCLUSIONS: Statistically significant association was found between incidence of microvascular complications and presence of microalbuminuria. Hence adequate monitoring and follow up of diabetic patients is extremely important apart from medications to prevent or anticipate complications at an early stage.

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