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Muhammad Arif Khan
Ruqaia Gul
Erum Irshad


cardiovascular disease, heart, social support, stress management


Background: Social support is an important aspect of the management of cardiovascular diseases. Low social health may lead to adverse outcomes in cardiovascular disease patients. A comparative study assessed social support in CVD patients, and a pretest posttest design with control examined the impact of stress management on the level of social support. \

Methods: The Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support was used to measure social support in CVD patients. During phase I, the sample size was 200 (100 CVD patients and 100 participants with no CVD). A random sampling technique was used. During phase II, the psychological intervention of stress management was administered to 60 CVD patients (30 in the intervention group and 30 in the control group). The participants were evaluated in 3 categories on social support scale: significant other (SO), family, and friends on a 7-point Likert scale. Demographic data of the participants was recorded. 

Results: Cardiovascular disease patients reported a low level of social support as compared to the control group. Stress management intervention revealed significantly higher scores in the friend, family, and significant other subscales, respectively. 

Conclusion: Cardiovascular disease patients revealed low social support and stress management intervention improved the level of social support in CVD patients.

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