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Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma
Dr. Ashish Kumar
Dr. Pramod Kumar
Dr. Manila Jain
Dr. Himanshu Sharma
Dr. Pradumna Ku Sahoo


Prosthodontic, Dental, Surgical, implant, teeth


The purpose of this research was to assess the usability of an implant navigation system among dental students and dentists with different degrees of expertise in prosthodontics. The success of any endosseous dental implant depends on the presence of healthy, functioning peri-implant hard and soft tissues. Participants were dental students and dentists from the same dental school and hospital, but with varying degrees of implant experience. At the outset of the trial, all participants received instruction in using the AqNavi system. We came up with a novel implant that uses computed tomography (CT) or Cone beam CT (CBCT) scanning to arrange its multi-vector endosseous attachment around each patient's unique underlying bone. Error deviations (total, longitudinal, and angular) were measured by each of the five dentists, and the differences between them were analyzed using one-way repeated-measures ANOVA. The results proved that the participants' prior implant expertise had no impact on the navigation system's operating accuracy for dental implants. The implant navigation system helps the dentist place the dental implant in the ideal location, regardless of the dentist's prior expertise with similar procedures. Our "individual patient solutions dental" protocol is based on the principle of a fully functional and rigid osteosynthesis technology and provides a rapid solution for implant-borne dental rehabilitation in challenging conditions of soft and hard tissues, setting it apart from any previous or current dental implant protocol.

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