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Dr. M. Lenin
Dr. J. Sivakumar
Dr. Kuzhandi velu
Dr. S. SelvaKumar
Dr. Ramesh Ramasammy


Gestational diabetes mellitus, C-peptide, Insulin Resistance, HOMA-IR


AIM: The current study aimed to investigate the relationship between C-peptide and other surrogate markers in patients with gestational diabetes mellitus in the Puducherry population.

Methodology: Five milliliters of venous blood (without anticoagulant) were drawn from pregnant women with and without GDM. The fasting glucose level was determined using the glucose oxidase method (GOD-POD), and the fasting lipid profile (total cholesterol, TAG-C, HDL-C, and LDL-C) was measured using an auto analyzer and the IFCC Approved method. Insulin resistance markers such as c-peptide and HOMA-IR were calculated. Insulin levels were calculated. Insulin was measured using chemiluminescence technology in a Roche auto analyzer (cobas e411).

Result: C-peptide had a strong relationship with insulin and HOMA-IR. In GDM, C-peptide has a higher sensitivity (88%) and specificity (89%). Conclusion: This study found a link between C-peptide levels and insulin levels in GDM patients in Puducherry, and C-peptide levels are predictive of GDM.

Conclusion: C-peptide can also be used to determine glycemic control status. C-peptide levels are used to predict gestational diabetes mellitus.

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