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Dr Wajeeh Naveed
Faeez Ahmed
Dr Inayat Ul Haq
Syed Taha Ahmed
Aiman Najam
Dr Manzoor Ahmad
Asfa Ahmed
Farzeen Umer
Pakeeza Shakoor




Introduction: Ischemic stroke stands as a critical and prevalent neurological disorder, causing significant morbidity and mortality worldwide.

Objectives: The basic aim of the study is to find the frequency of cardiac risk factors in ischemic stroke patients.

Material and methods: This retrospective study was conducted at Liaquat National Hospital  Karachi from June 2023 to September 2023. Patient demographics, including age and gender, were meticulously documented for each case. Additionally, an extensive review of medical records was undertaken to collect relevant clinical data, focusing on the presence or absence of cardiac risk factors.

Results: A total of 240 patients with confirmed ischemic stroke were included in the analysis. The study population exhibited a mean age of 68 years, with a fairly even distribution between males (45%) and females (55%). Hypertension: Prevalent in 68% of patients, making it the most common cardiac risk factor. Atrial Fibrillation is present in 30% of cases. History of coronary artery disease was present in 42% of patients. Approximately 25% of patients had a diagnosis of heart failure.

Conclusion: It is concluded that early detection, diagnosis, and targeted management of the risk factors are crucial for preventing stroke. Understanding the distribution of stroke subtypes within the population further informs personalized treatment strategies.

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