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Dr Nripendra Singh
Dr Madhu Rendra Kumar
Dr Bibhava Vikramaditya
Dr Geeta Singh


Housewives, depression, rural, Bahraich


Introduction: Depression is the most common mental disorder. Women and elderly have shown greater vulnerability to depression. Additional responsibilities due to modernization in rural areas have lead to increased stress and tension among housewives. Limited data is available on depression among housewives in rural India especially Uttar Pradesh. So the present study was planned to assess the prevalence of depression and its associated risk factors among housewives aged 18-59 years in rural area of district Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh.

 Objective: To assess the prevalence and risk factors of depression among housewives in rural area.

 Methods: The study was done in five villages of Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh from April 2022 to March 2023. A total of 500 housewives were selected by systematic random sampling.  Interviews were conducted by house to house visits. Depression was evaluated using self reported instrument Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9). The analysis was done using MS Excel software and SPSS software version 22.

 Results: Prevalence of depression was found to be 18%. There was increasing trend of prevalence of depression in middle age group. Increasing level of education, marriage, better socio economy, economic independence and absence of co-morbid conditions had lower prevalence of depression. None of the depressed subjects had taken professional help.

 Conclusion: Housewives should be educated about warning signs and symptoms of depression and motivated to seek professional help.

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