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Ms Asifa Khatun
Sh. Jaydip Kole
Dr. Pinaki Sensarma


Covid 19, Oxygen Surge, Liquid Oxygen Plants


Introduction: Covid 19 is an infectious disease caused by a virus of Coronavirus family- SARS Cov 2. Genetic make-up of the virus is responsible for causing hypersensitivity reaction which causes acute respiratory distress. Severe cytokine storm causes systemic manifestation like Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. However, vast majority of cases do not develop such manifestation and mere isolation is required. The cases which do require oxygen therapy may be required intermittently through a oxygen concentrator or through a portable oxygen cylinder. However, in less than 15% require continuous oxygen support through devices like Pressure Swing Absorption or Liquid Medical Oxygen supply devices or a manifold tank.

 Material and Methods: Before the anticipated surge of Covid 19 cases the state government in conjunction with the central government and obtained the help of development partners prepared action plan and implemented the setting up of oxygen plants at the district hospital. This data has been obtained from the development partners who implemented the oxygen production plants at the district hospitals. The data regarding the utilization was obtained from the state government. The data collection has been obtained with mandatory confidentiality clause.

At an average of 8% occupancy, its use was optimum as it was not stretched as 2nd wave subsided. Considering the large number of populations in West Bengal, India absolute number of cases were large.

 Conclusion: Moreover, Covid 19 due to extensive mass vaccination the disease has becoming endemic and it is unlikely to have SARS like manifestation. Mass vaccination as of March 2023 has been highly effective in ending the pandemic in India

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