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Dr R. Vijaya Saraswathi


Chat-bot, Voice-bot, Deep Learning, Long short-term memory hybrid model.


Helping and guiding customers who are either contemplating making a purchase or are currently making use of a product or service is an essential part of providing good customer service. Consumers expect answers to their inquiries that are both timely and comprehensive. It is essential to the success of any firm to maintain the happiness and contentment of its customers. As a consequence of this, a business has to provide a diverse selection of client services so that customers may choose the ones that are the most appropriate for their requirements. The most frequent forms of customer assistance are telephony, interactive voice response, websites, electronic mail, live chat, and social media. In this work, we resent a banking service voice -bot implicating the overall features based on Deep learning with LSTM hybrid model. The Hybrid design approach indicates Dense, CNN, or BI-LSTM features are integrated into the structural design improvising the overall characteristic features. We enhance the specific features using Lemmatizing of words. With these conditions, we improvise the overall accuracy up to 100% better than existing algorithms as compared.

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