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Anusha Singh
Dr. Sanghamitra Jena (PT)


prevalence, heel pain, functional impairements.


Introduction: Heel pain is a broad terminology describing pain and discomfort experienced in or around the base of the foot. There are several other terms to describe heel pain, notably jogger's heel, gonorrheal heel, tennis heel, PF, and policeman's heel. Heel discomfort can be brought on by a range of bone diseases, systemic diseases, and soft tissue disorders. Examination of the bottom leg's history and clinical condition are used to narrow the differential diagnosis and determine the anatomic cause of the heel discomfort.

Methodology: A population-based cross-sectional approach was carried out. The research targeted working women who were suffering from heel pain among multiple working centres in the Delhi-NCR area. A 200 population of working women aged between 20 to 50 years were sampled that fulfilled the inclusion criteria. A self- administrated questionnaire was circulated in the google form that consists of demographic details, NPRS and FADI scale to find out intensity of pain and associated functional impairements among women with heel pain.

Results: Women experiencing heel pain weigh between 61.35 ±10.93 kg on average. 91.5 % said they'd had heel discomfort in the previous several weeks, while 8.5% claimed they hadn't. As an outcome, the mean NPRS score is 5.92± 2.470 and average FADI score was 64.89 ±1.236 out of a possible 104 points. A strong correlation was found between age, weight, NPRS and FADI score. A strong negative correlation of FADI final score with NPRS was seen (r = -5.85)

Conclusion: The majority of working women reported experiencing heel discomfort, especially in the last several weeks or months. Teaching, nursing, and housekeeping were the three most prevalent occupations.  Responders reported moderate to somewhat severe pain, which was accompanied by functional impairment when trying everyday tasks. The substantial negative correlation between FADI and NPRS is another finding of our study

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