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Dr. Gouranga Prasad Nandi
Dr. Biswajit Sahu
Dr Sujit Kumar Lakra
Dr. Lorika Sahu


AOFAS score, Complications, Hawkin’s classification, Talus fracture


Background: Fractures of the talus neck necessitate surgery due to the possibility of serious long-term consequences if left untreated. However, given the peculiar anatomy and fragile blood supply, talus fractures can be challenging to fix. The current study was undertaken to analyze the functional outcomes of operative management of talus fractures.

 Material and Method: This was a prospective study conducted over a period of 2 years on 20 patients with talus neck fracture. All patients were subjected to open reduction and internal fixation of the fractures with cannulated cancellous screws and followed-up clinically and radiologically.

 Result: The average age of the study participants was 33.4±10.0 years. Hawkin's type III was the most frequently encountered talus fracture. The antero-lateral approach had significantly higher AOFAS scores (p=0.005), OM scores (p=0.003), and BJ scores (p=0.004) than the antero-medial and the dual approach. There was a significant co-relation between the Hawkin’s type and the AOFAS score (p=0.03), OM score (p=0.04), and BJ score (p=0.02). The incidence of avascular necrosis was significantly higher with type III talar neck fractures (p=0.04) among our study subjects.

 Conclusion: The quality of fracture reduction is the only modifiable parameter that can determine the success of the operative treatment in restoring the articular congruence. Although talus fractures should not be deemed as operative emergencies, efforts should be made to restore the articular alignment as soon as possible in order to improve the success rates of the reduction

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