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Syed Akbar Abbas Zaidi
Osama Yasin
Anum Baqar
Saman Hakeem
Farnaz Ilyas
Farah Javaid
Muhammad Faisal Faheem
Anum Arshad


Pakistan, career-satisfaction, dental professionals, dentist satisfaction survey, comparative analysis, nationwide survey


Career satisfaction pertains to the level of contentment and fulfillment a dentist experiences in their job, encompassing various factors like job responsibilities, relationships with colleagues and supervisors, and workplace policies. This study aimed to fill a research gap by assessing the satisfaction of dental professionals at different career stages in Pakistan, a low-income country. It also explored the connection between career satisfaction and factors such as gender discrimination, provincial background, highest education level, and practice type. This cross-sectional study involved 566 dental professionals from various provinces in Pakistan. A modified Dentist Satisfaction Survey (DSS) form was distributed electronically. Statistical tests like Mann–Whitney U and Kruskal–Wallis were used to compare satisfaction scores among the variables being investigated. The median total career satisfaction score was 117.0 out of 190, indicating an overall professional satisfaction rating of 3.14 on a 5.0 scale. Dentists with 6-10 years of practice experience tended to have higher career satisfaction scores, while those in the late stages of their careers reported the highest overall professional satisfaction. Significant associations were also found between total career scores, overall professional satisfaction, and factors such as gender, education level, provincial background, and working sector. This study emphasizes the importance of career satisfaction in both attracting and retaining dentists in the field. It underscores the need for career guidance and counseling services to support individuals considering dentistry as a profession.

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