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Dr. K.Nikhita
Dr. B. Sankararaman
Dr. Nilak Shantanu Rao


umbilical hernia, endometriosis, mesh plasty, excision biopsy.


Introduction: Spontaneous Endometriosis occurring in association with umbilical hernia is extremely rare. Treatment is excision  of endometriosis and  mesh plasty  .

Case report: A 39-year female presented with umbilical swelling for 2 years. Pain was there on and off for one year. Clinically it appeared to be an irreducible umbilical hernia. Ultrasound was suggestive of endometriosis along with the hernia. Intra operatively the sac was empty and the lesion was anterior to the sac. It was excised and mesh repair was done. The lesion was found to be endometriosis on biopsy.

Conclusion: Spontaneous Endometriosis of umbilicus can masquerade as irreducible umbilical hernia. High degree of suspicion is to be entertained. Surgery is the mainstay of therapy for umbilical endometriosis associated with an under-lying hernia.

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