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Daniel Francisco Zamora Mora
Dr. Ignacio Guillermo Quinde Morocho


Complications, surgery, efficacy, microtia


-   Introduction: The review focuses on establishing the efficacy and complications in surgical and prosthesis reconstruction in patients with microtia, which is defined as a malfunction in the course of ear creation during the first weeks of pregnancy (differentiation).

-   General objective: To describe the efficacy and complications in surgical reconstruction with prostheses for the treatment of microtia.

-   Methodology: It is qualitative, based on a narrative literature review. For the identification of studies related to the problem, the reference bank present in PubMed, Scopus and Latindext was considered through the use of health descriptions. We included studies published between 2019 and 2023.

-   Conclusions: It concludes the surgical intervention have complications, which occur when performing a general surgical procedure. However, according to the review, it can be observed that its effectiveness focuses on the adaptation and acceptance of the human body to the prosthesis and the technique used by the specialist during the intervention.

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