VONLAYS- Flipside to full coverage crowns for endodontically treated molars-A Case Series

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Pallavi Sinha
Dr Kavita Dube
Shiv Mantri
Bonny Paul
Swati Singh


Vonlay, Minimally Invasive Treatment, Restorative Dentistry


Indirect restorations that include onlays and veneers have been a certainly accepted treatment modality in the field of restorative dentistry. Porcelain veneers and onlays that are used in anteriors and posteriors respectively have contributed much to the minimal invasive preparation of tooth in contemporary dentistry. Also with advent of latest technologies such as CAD/CAM heat press, the indirect restorations are not only aesthetic but also possess high strength to bear heavy occlusal forces of posterior teeth. Keeping endodontically treated teeth in view a more complex restoration is required when compared to normal tooth restoration, because of extensive caries, losss of pericervical dentin and even the financial condition of the patient .One such design is “Vonlay”. It is a combination of an onlay with an extended buccal veneer surface. This restorative option requires a much less invasive preparation than a full coverage crown but provides the same structural and functional benefits. This paper aims to discuss a series of three cases on Vonlay following endodontic treatment of mandibular molars.

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