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Sakshi Tomar
Sapna Rani
Navneet Kaur
Manisha Chopra


Anti-osteoarthritis, Solubility, Dissolution: Eutectics, Coformers


The current research focuses on enhancing the biopharmaceutical characteristics of the anti-osteoarthritic drug etodolac (ET) through the creation of a new solid form. This was achieved by using mechanochemical synthesis to combine ET with coformers that possess antioxidant properties (syringic acid, ascorbic acid, and nicotinic acid), resulting in the formation of three eutectic mixtures (EMs). Differential scanning calorimetry confirmed the formation of these eutectic mixtures, while the exact 50/50% w/w stoichiometry was determined through phase diagrams and Tamman's triangle. The interaction between the components and steric hindrances played a crucial role in eutectic formation. The EMs exhibited significantly increased apparent solubility (between five- to nine-fold) and a notable improvement in intrinsic dissolution rate (two- to three-fold) compared to the original drug. As a result, these solid forms of ET hold promise as viable multicomponent alternatives for further development as therapeutically effective products in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

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