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Israa H. Ibrahim
Mena Y. Abd
Murtadha Matai Al-Fatlawi
Murtadha Matai Al-Fatlawi


Coronavirus, COVID-19, liver function


Background: Coronavirus belongs to the Coronaviridae family, Nidovirales order. Coronaviruses are separated into four genera and β- COVs only infect mammals. Human COVs consist of α- COVs (229E and NL63), β- COVs (OC43 and HKU1), the Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (MERS-COV), and SARS-COV.

Aim of Study: to evaluate the effect of infection with coronavirus on liver and renal function and also the effect on lipid profile according to the duration after healing.

Materials and Methods: the persons were divided according to the duration after healing to ≤3, ≤6, >6 months, and the human samples were taken from a private laboratory for renal function, liver function, and lipid profile.

Results: the results show a significant increase in S.ALT, S.AST, and S.TSB in some groups and there were no significant differences in other parameters.

In conclusion there was no effect of COVID-19 on the function of the kidney as well as lipid profile but may have a reversible effect on liver function and the needs for more long-term studies are very important.

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