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Dr. Pallavi Singh
Dr. Madhulika Srivastava
Dr. Khushboo Arif
Dr. Brijendra Singh
Dr. Himangi Dubey
Dr. Mohammad Fahad Khan




Introduction: The disintegration in the oral diseases can be prevented by making an early identification, investigation and providing the desired treatment which is possible by introducing dental outreach programs. Aims & Objectives: The aim of the study was to understand attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge of dental professionals and students towards their role in dental outreach programs. Materials & Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study was conducted to determine the

perception of dental professionals and students on dental outreach programmes. The study was carried out online through Google forms, with the population of dentists available at colleges and private dental clinics. A total of 5 colleges were selected in the city of Lucknow. The first section of the questionnaire asked about the subject's demographic information, such as age, gender, occupation, and department of practitioners and postgraduate students. The second portion of the questionnaire assessed their perspective on dental outreach programmes. Results: The majority of dental professionals and students who responded to the survey were under 30 years old, accounting for 82.4 percent of the total. When dental professionals and students were asked about the benefits of these dental outreach initiatives for post graduate students, 83.74% agreed, while 16.26% disagreed. Data was collected & statistical analysis was done using SPSS (Ver. 26). Conclusion: This study helped in understanding the awareness, knowledge and perception of dental outreach program amongst the dental professionals and students. By identifying the barriers and providing appropriate education and intervention, dental service usage can be enhanced.

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