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Imbaquingo Cristian
Bernal Marco
Miriam Lima


MARPE-type devices have a greater skeletal effect to dental-supported devices, and fewer dental-alveolar side effects, however, these effects depend on the skeletal age of the individual, the design and the placement site.


CONTEXT: In the stomatognathic system, there are alterations at the transverse level of the upper jaw which can be treated with expansion devices with dental and skeletal anchorage, these have advantages or disadvantages according to their design and skeletal age.


OBJECTIVE: This narrative review analyzes the scientific literature on the effects of dental-supported and skeletal rapid maxillary expansion with the use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).


MATERIALS AND METHODS: An exhaustive search of digital databases was carried out to find relevant publications. Information was searched in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The search was performed in Pubmed, Springerlink, Google Academic, and Scielo. Articles such as editorials, literature reviews, letters to the editor, experimental animal studies and short communications were excluded. Studies such as case controls, systematic reviews, clinical cases, and meta-analyses were included.


RESULTS: Initially, 239 articles were identified and reviewed for relevance. One hundred ninety-nine studies were excluded as they did not meet the eligibility criteria. Forty-one studies were included, among them, 8 systematic reviews from which 2 were extracted data of major relevance, 1 prospective study, 19 clinical trials, 1 case report, 1 finite element study, 1 descriptive study, 1 pilot study, 9 retrospective studies were processed for data extraction.


CONCLUSIONS: MARPE-type devices have a greater skeletal effect to dental-supported devices, and fewer dental-alveolar side effects, however, these effects depend on the skeletal age of the individual, the design and the placement site.


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