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Jitendra Lohar
Tania Jandial
Hersimran Ahluwalia
Mahima Samar


Cheilitis, Factitial, Crusting lesion, Lips


Factitial cheilitis is an uncommon disease mostly encountered in women with the history of psychosocial stress and anxiety disorders. It presents on the lips as continuous keratinaceous build-up, crusting and desquamation, consistent with exfoliative cheilitis. The affected areas can progress to superinfection with Staphylococcus aureus or Candida albicans. A 65-year-old woman patient presented to the clinic with a history of diffuse hyperkeratosis of the upper and lower lips that was initially suspected as an allergic reaction based on oral examination. On the histologic examination of biopsies and negative infectious workup led to the consideration of a factitial infection. In the end direct communication between the patient the appropriate diagnosis was discerned. This case highlights the importance of considering factitial cheilitis as the etiology of exfoliative cheilitis.

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