Surgical repair of recurrent inguinal hernia by using Dacron mesh

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jaleel Hussien Hammoodi Al obaidi


hernia recurrence , surgery Dacron mesh.


In this study we describe our technique for repair of recurrent inguinal hernia, using Dacron mesh placed by the inguinal route.
The inguinal canal is opened widely, a sheet of mesh is inserted and the muscles are closed without tension, we have repaired one hundred twenty patients with recurrent hernias by this method. one patient died and 12 patients have acceptable morbidity, in one case the bladder was injured. Six patients had infected wounds, and in two cases of these patients a new prosthetic mesh was inserted
successfully one year after removing the mesh, two patients had hematoma, one patient had retention of urine and one patient had cardiac arrhythmia. The recurrence rate occurred in 3 patients at 3.5%. We use the dacron mesh which is inexpensive and rapidly incorporated and the mesh reduces the side of the deep inguinal orifice and reinforces the fascia transversalis. Our technique is safe, and effective and allows a definitive repair of all types of hernia and patients.

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