Comparison of Crestal Bone Change Following Immediate and Delayed Placement of Dental Implant

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Marwah Safaa Ali
Hawraa Noori Atallah
Maha Hatem Abdul Wahid
Suha Mohammad Sami


Dental implant, immediate placement, delayed placement.


Background: Resorption of Crestal bone after implant placement is considered one of the most importantnparameters for implant success. Immediate implant placed in the extraction socket for reducing treatment time.

Aim: this study was aiming to make comparison between the immediate and delayed placement of dental implant in the Crestal bone width in bucco- lingual direction clinically and radiographically by using the cone beam computed tomography.
Method: A total of fifteen patients with 38 dental implants were taken in the study and they were splitted into two groups: first group of immediate implants had 18 implant cases, on the other hand second group of delayed implant placement included 20 implant cases that placed six to eight weeks after extraction. The space between the buccal and lingual bones was measured clinically and radiographically in the same time of placement of implant and repeated after 6 months, at 2nd stage surgery during abutment placement.
Results: Thirty-eight implant in this study, fifteen cases were placed in mandible, and twenty-three cases in the maxilla. At the time of implant placement, the mean distance from buccal to the lingual bone for immediate implant cases was (9.27 mm ∓ SD 1.02) and (8.75 mm ∓ SD 0.77) for delayed implants. CBCT readings showed (8.98 mm ∓ SD 1.01) and (8.51 mm ∓ SD 0.74) respectively. At the second surgery, the mean distance from buccal to the lingual bone was (7.74 mm ∓ SD 0.96) for an immediateimplants, and (7.61 mm ∓ SD 0.76) for delayed ones. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) readings were (7.39 mm ∓ SD 0.96) at implant placement day for immediate placement group, and (7.33 mm ∓ SD 0.75) in delayed placement group. An intra-group comparison in both groups was highly significant in both clinical and CBCT readings, while inter group comparison at day of implant placement, and at the day of abutment placement were not significant.
The Conclusion: the bone healing in immediate placement and delayed placement groups is good. So the immediate placement of dental implant should be selected, that preserve bone and gingival architecture with less cost and treatment time.

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