Examination of the ocular inflammatory effects after COVID-19 - vaccine

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Ammar Adil Fahad
Basman Radhi Majeed


COVID-19, Ocular, Uveitis, Vaccination


Background: Recent researches indicated that the ophthalmologic negative impacts of COVID-19 disease and COVID-19 vaccination are highly overlapping. Objective: The present study aimed to investigate the inflammatory side effects after COVID-19 vaccination.
Patients and methods: A total of (60) cases who received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine were included to report ocular side effects appeared within14 days of receiving the second dose.
Results: Uveitis was recorded in (60%) of the study population after COVID-19 vaccinations, while the other inflammatory side effects were distributed as follows; scleritis (15%), VKH (10%), other effects (8.4%) and neuroretinopathy(6.6%). The majority (71.67%) of the study population was treated by corticosteroids. Visual acuity lowered ≤ 3 lines in (25%) of other inflammatory conditions; VA lowered > 3 lines in (25%) of other inflammatory conditions and (5.56%) of uveitis.
Conclusion: Following COVID-19 vaccination, ophthalmologic inflammatory events are possible.

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