Retinopathy of prematurity: prevalence and severity at maternity and children hospital in Najaf province ,Iraq

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Farooq Mohamed Abbas
Hassanain Hassan Attar
Mohammed Qassim Al nooyani


prevalence, infants, premature, retinopathy of prematurity


Background: preterm infants are vulnerable to retinopathy of prematurity, which consider as a leading cause of blindness in premature neonates. Low birth weight and small gestational age had been identified as significant risk factors for the development and progression for this disease .
Aim of the study: To assess the prevalence and severity of retinopathy of prematurity among preterm infants at neonatal intensive care unit in Al zahraa maternity and children teaching hospital at Najaf convince ,Iraq.
Patients and methods: This is a prospective study which enrolled 134 preterm infants who had been referred to ROP unit at al zahraa maternity and children teaching hospital in the period from November 2019 till September 2021.
Results: In this study 134 preterm neonate were screened ,of them 45(33.6%) having retinopathy of prematurity and 99(66.4%) were not affected. There were 6 (13.3%) cases of ROP at stage 1 ,28 (62.2%) at stage 2 ,8 (17.2%) at stage 3 and 3 (6.7%) at stage 5. Plus disease was detected in 5 (3.7%) of cases.Type 2 ROP were found in two third of ROP cases (66.6 %) and one third of ROP cases were (33.3%) were classified as sever (type 1 ROP or stage 5). The mean birth weight and gestational age of the screened infants were 1532.3+_507.7(500 to 3000)grams, 30.4+_2.5(26 to 42) weeks respectively.67 (56.7%) of the neonate were males and 58 (43.3%) were females.
Conclusion: Retinopathy of prematurity is relatively common disorder affecting premature neonate of Najaf province in Iraq. The mean gestational age and birth weight were less in infants who had ROP when compared to those without ROP.

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