Evaluation of Prognostic Factors in Management of Associated COVID-19 Oro-facial Mucormycosis

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Dr. Qais Habeeb Musa
Hamid Ibrahim Mohammed
Hamsa Zaki Al-Assadi


Mucormycosis, COVID-19, Amphotericin-B, Diabetes Mellitus


After declaration of corona virus as pandemic in 2019, strong relationship has been showed between the sudden upsurge of mucormycosis occurrence in patients with history of COVID-19. This relation can be explained by: the effect of corona virus on patient immune system, the infection worsens the effect of the underlying predisposing factors such as diabetes mellitus and drugs therapy that were used in treatment of COVID-19 specially corticosteroid. Mucormycosis presented mainly in patient who had comorbid conditions like diabetes, steroid therapy or chemotherapy. This study showed the association between the increase in the prevalence of mucormycosis in patients with COVID-19 and proved the diabetes was the main risk factors for this fungal infection.

The study confirmed there were many factors determined the prognosis in the management of mucormycosis first of them is the early diagnosis which depends on high index of clinical suspicion, accurate procedures for diagnosis confirmation such as biopsy, fungal culture media, radiological examination by CT scan or MRI, early initiation of antifungal therapy either Amphotericin- B or Liposomal Amphotericin- B as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed and aggressive surgical debridement  of all infected tissue .

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