Estimating the Neurocognitive Effects of an Early Intervention Program for Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
Can J Clin Pharmacol Vol 16 (3) Fall 2009:e453-e459; November 19, 2009
Original Research
Parvaneh Yazdani, Mary Motz, Gideon Koren

Animal studies suggest that early intervention in pups exposed heavily to ethanol in utero can mitigate  their neurocognitive damage. No human studies on this promising mechanism exists.

Breaking the Cycle is an early intervention program for drug-and alcohol addicted mothers and their young children. We compared BSID-III scores between infants heavily exposed to ethanol and a group exposed only to drugs of abuse, mainly cocaine. Both groups benefited from all aspects of our early intervention program.

The two groups did not differ in any aspect of the BSID-III. These data are in contradistinction to the damage seen in heavily ethanol- exposed infants not benefiting from early intervention.

This pilot suggests that early intervention may mitigate some of the well described damages caused by heavy in utero alcohol exposure.

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