ISSN 1710-6222

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Volume 23, Issue 2

Original Research

Comparison of information available in the medication profile of an electronic health reco

J. Daupin, G. Rosseaux, D. Lebel, S. Atkinson, P. Bedard, J-F Bussieres

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Case Report

Double-peaked acetaminophen concentration secondary to intestinal trauma

B. Alyahya, S. Tamur, S. Aljenedil, A. Larocuque, E. Holody, S. Gosselin

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Original Research

Cost-effectiveness of canagliflozin versus sitagliptin when added to metformin and sulfony

Suthakar Sabapathy, Cheryl Neslusan, Kim Yoong, Anna Teschemaker, Pierre Johansen, Michael Willis

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